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Testimonials: Testimonials
Golden Star

Gail Wagstaff

I first met Nina in January this year at an event relating to employment at Alma Lodge Hotel, Stockport.  I felt I instantly connected with her across the table we shared with a few other guests and we started talking during the coffee break. I openly discussed my problems with her regarding returning to suitable employment and the difficulties I had experienced over the past few years since being made redundant in 2014. It was a great relief to express my thoughts and feelings with her because I had held it inside for so long not wanting to bother anyone with it.  I instantly felt better inside myself for doing this. We swapped phone numbers at the end of the event and have been in touch for the past five months. She has supported me in applying for a few positions within the council and I feel my self-confidence has increased greatly, she has provided me with advice and support whilst I have worked hard at home to improve my IT skills and interview techniques. She also met with me a few times in her lunch hour to offer support. Finally I have now been offered a position within the council and I feel my life has changed and now for the first time in a few years I  have hopes for the future once again and an opportunity to develop myself further and go on to better things. I feel I am now at the start of a path that will lead me to greater things. I will always be grateful for her help and would recommend her to anyone because she is extremely caring, dedicated and supportive towards anyone that she meets.

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