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Nina Ketel Mentoring

Our Mission

Super simple: Help you to unlock that dream career

Life's Too Short - Fill The 9 to 5 With Exactly What You Love

That’s precisely what you get – a roadmap away from the drudgery of a job you hate into the dream occupation you really want.

Don't think it can be done?

Think again. I’ve lost count now of the number of people stuck in a rut who find the path, take it and secure their dream job.


It’s natural. Your self-esteem has taken a pounding.


I help you find it again, dust it off, and make sure it is sparkling.


You see, you lose sight of your strengths. My job is to rediscover them as we repackage YOU ready to go for it.


I worked for the local authority for over 13 years with the last 4, working as a ‘Team Leader’ in Adult Social Care where I managed teams over 2 offices.  


I became very passionate about encouraging my teams to reach for the stars.


Their 121’s and Personal Development Folders (PDR’s) was never just a tick in the box, it was about them, what they really wanted in their working career.


If they wanted to apply for a higher scale role.  I spent quality time working with them showing them how the application system worked, the interview process, how they can use their own working history and life skills for competency style interview questions. 


Over the years I built up a very good reputation around the council in other departments as the go-to person for a variety of work related issues, including giving additional personal support, how to get that permanent role.

Your career's secret weapon

Whether it’s more money, more balance, or a total change of direction, big work-related decisions can be challenging.  The key to getting what you really want could be meeting and working with your mentor.


Have you thought of working with a Mentor and didn’t know where to start, send me ‘Nina’ a message and we can arrange a mutual time for a catch-up to discuss.

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