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What We Do

Getting a job is never easy. ​

My job – in a nutshell – is to help you do just that.

By helping you identify your strengths and make the most of them. 

By arming you with ways to overcome your weaknesses.

By giving you the inner confidence that shows employers that they need you.

How we’ll go about it: you and me.

From the moment you ask me to help, we become a team dedicated to your success.

Together, we’ll go through your personal history and your employment history, learning about things that might have gone wrong, or things that might have been done better.

We’ll map out all your good points and identify the kind of jobs where these will be truly valued.

We’ll look at your goals. Not just the immediate one of finding employment, but lifetime goals, too.

How much?

All of this takes time and commitment from both of us - and a disciplined approach.

Below is the kind of structure I work to – but it’s not set in stone. Everyone is different and there may be parts of this process you need more than others. You don’t have to sign up to the whole programme and you can, of course, quit at any time.

So this how I prefer to work:

Step 1: Getting to know each other

A free 30 minute consultation where I learn about you, and you decide whether you feel comfortable talking to me.


Mapping your strengths and weaknesses

Step 2

A 1-hour consultation where we go through your education, your achievements, your employment history and your interests, identifying what has worked and what hasn’t.

We’ll map these on paper to build up a picture of your abilities and talents.

Fee £150.00

Building on our learning

Step 3

A 1-hour consultation where we focus on your strengths and identify jobs and roles where these might most be valued. We look closely at what may have held you back in the past and start to develop strategies that take you forward.

Fee £150.00

School Application

Applying for jobs

Step 4

A 1-hour consultation where we look at the detail: how to apply in writing (letter or email), if it’s that kind of application. How to fill in forms.  Preparing a concise pen-portrait of yourself (250 words) that can be used in ‘free form’ boxes or emails. Creating a good CV.

Fee £150.00

Interview strategies

Step 5

A 1-hour consultation where we discuss what works best in interviews and what doesn’t. We role-play an interview situation (I will have given you a description of the job you’re applying for before our session so you can (rehearse)

Fee £150.00

Student Writing
Job Interview

Interview preparation

Step 6

A 1-hour consultation where we prepare you for an interview you have gained for a specific job (this may need to come earlier in the course, if it has happened sooner.)

Preparation means detailing the kind of things you need to say about yourself and also getting you into a positive and confident frame-of-mind.

Fee £150.00

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