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Meet Nina Ketel

Welcome to my archive of tips and tricks to land you that next promotion or interview!

FT: With a focus on those returning to the work place after an extended break

Hello, I am Nina Ketel, I’m a Confidence Boosting Career Coach.

I run a mentoring business where I support people needing a work-life balance change 🌸🌸🌸 I work with people who have lost their MOJO.

I hope to post regular updates here to keep you updated on my research into all things surrounding the best advice to prepare for application forms and the interviews that will follow.

A couple of examples of who I specialise in supporting back into the workplace:

  • Mother's returning to work after raising a family

  • Recently made redundant

  • Recovering from a long-term illness (mental/physical)

  • Bullied out of a workplace

  • After re-locating to a new area

  • Following a divorce

Maybe they are at a crossroads in their careers, lost the spark out of their work, or in a dead-end or a low paid job that's sucking the life out of them.

They had only intended to stay for a few years, now it’s 5 - 10 - 20 years and they have lost their confidence to apply for another job, think they are too old to change careers.

Maybe better the devil you know.

I’m on hand to say to give them the support they need using my unique mentoring tools.

I offer a selection of packages depending on where about my client is:

  • Just thinking of applying for a job,

  • Not feeling good enough

  • No one would hire them

  • Lost their confidence

  • To being offered an interview and scared to death, what happens next.

I'm there to hold their hand if needs be.

What results are your clients left with after you have delivered?

I give my clients the Confidence to apply for that job

Knowledge how to sell themselves in the application form using their own working and personal history

Understanding how the competency & interview process works for all levels, administration to middle and senior management

Not panicking in the interview, answering the question in a calm, clear way

Tips to standout after the interview.

What are you proud of about your business

“My mentoring business changes lives. Over the years with my unique mentoring skills, I have coached a mix of people (male & female) to go into that interview feeling they are 10 feet tall, having equipped them with all the skills they will need to confidently answer those important questions.”

I remind my clients that we work to live the life they chose not to live to work, work, work.

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